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Can Powell River’s Sewage System Be Fixed? A Special Opportunity to Hear from Sewage Experts

Sewage experts from General Electric will be in Powell River this week to speak to Council on the potential to fix Powell River’s main sewage treatment plant.  General Electric produces the  Membrane Bioreactor  technology used in advanced sewage treatment plants.

We have just found out that the GE experts are willing to have a short meeting with interested residents to explain how Powell River’s plant might be retrofitted. The public is invited to come to a meeting:

Thursday, October 20
1:30 PM
at the United Church Trinity Hall,
corner of Michigan and Duncan

Council’s current plan is to have the mill treat city sewage, which will involve constructing sewage lines to connect to the mill, demolishing the City’s existing plants, and building a new City sewage plant when the mill closes.  The Westview treatment plant, though, has not even been paid for.  This plant was intended to treat city sewage to a higher standard than the City’s proposed alternative. If it can be retrofitted, this could provide a lower cost, more environmentally beneficial solution to the city’s sewage issues.


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